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Second up from Boom! is the finale we’re kinda sad to see. Simply because this has been tremendous.

Solicitation info below:


The Midas Flesh #8 (FINAL ISSUE)

Writer(s): Ryan North
Artist(s): Braden Lamb, Shelli Paroline

Ladies and gentlemen, the end is nigh… of THE MIDAS FLESH, that is. Our crew has done everything in their power to stop the universe from ending from the Midas curse, but were their efforts enough? Tune in for this finale that’s so crazy, you wouldn’t believe us if we spoiled it for you right now.

Out today, everyone!  LAST ISSUE :0

North has taken an incredibly tricky concept — one of a weapon (the Midas Flesh) that has a power so intense and far reaching that it’s difficult to calculate — and crafted an absolutely engaging and heart-stopping mini-series. Though this series was strong right out of the gate, it was hard not to be skeptical that the team could continue to deliver with such a complicated weapon at its heart, but deliver they have. By CBR’s review of Issue 7!  Awesome!

I have been real tentative to give this story a 5 star as I just couldn’t get over the sense that the story didn’t know if it wanted to be an adult story or a child’s story. I now realize that North wanted it to be both as the kids from the opening issue quite literally grow up as things move forward. These kids are now full-fledged adults and the whole of everything hangs in the balance as we approach the grand conclusion to what has been a fresh slice of joy in my comic reading. By CB’s review of Issue 7!  Glad we could win you over, James - and thanks for the 5-star review! :)

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Midas Flesh #6 comes out today! And you can get it with a special variant cover by your favourite and mine, David Malki! In these issue:

  • we see a non-gold planet for the first time!  We just did!
  • HUGS

You can read a the first few pages here! And you can pick up the comic:

This issue is a big one, too.  It’s an eight-issue miniseries so ALL the issues left are big ones, actually! :0